Sundarbans Adjacent Fishers Enabling to Resilience Building (SAFER)

The southwest coastal region of Bangladesh is one of the most climate hotspots of the world which is highly vulnerable to cyclone, especially sea depression, tidal surge and high tide, salinity intrusion, river erosion etc. Around one million people of the region are directly and indirectly involved with fishing in the estuaries and the Bay of Bengal, one of the most cyclone-prone Bay of the world. Recently the rate of cyclones and sea depressions increased almost twice which creates severe risks for the fisher communities. Usually the fisher groups blindly start their trip to the bay and faces sea depression after a few days of travel. Then they have only two options: (a) Coming back to community without any fish and face selling of properties to repay the loan they had taken before the trip or (b) Taking risk of sinking and loosing boats, assets and lives. Besides, they don’t have any safety materials for their lives in the dynamic rivers and sea.

Safer OngoingFishing people are dying and losing their boats every year as they don’t have opportunity to get proper information about the coming cyclones or depressions. In some cases, they washed out by the wind and tide, rescued by the marine forces of neighbouring countries and faced jail as illegal intruders. On the other hand, the fisher communities subjected to the first hit of cyclones, storms, tidal surges, river erosion and salinity intrusion. Due to lack of knowledge on disaster risk reduction techniques and impacts of climate change, occupational safety and security management, additionally they are deprived from the main streaming of the development process.  The area is one of the poverty pockets of the Bangladesh with 41.2% under poverty level. In this context local organization AOSED has taken imitative to ‘establish a climate resilient fisher community in Southwest Coastal Region of Bangladesh for long term livelihoods safety and improvement’ through incited a new idea as a pilot project with the cooperation of Give2Asia.

 Project Location: The pilot project has been implemented in the 2 Union Parishad of Paikgachha Upazila (sub-district), under Khulna Districts in the climate vulnerable southwest coastal region of Bangladesh, situated by the Sundarbans reserve forest, which is world’s largest single tract mangrove forest.



  • To establish a climate resilient fisher community in Southwest Coastal Region of Bangladesh for long term livelihoods safety and improvement.
  • To establish livelihoods safety and improvement & preparedness among 300 fishermen in Paickgacha Upazila, Khulna district of Bangladesh