Disaster and Emergency Response

Disaster and Emergency response

The southwest coastal region of Bangladesh is the most vulnerable to frequently natural disaster causing, flooding and water logging submerge agricultural farm, salinity intrusion, river erosion, reduced access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities and safe food. People lost home and shelter, crops, livestock, assets and valuable document, mutilation and life. AOSED address the humanitarian interventions in a participatory manner to reduce risk and save life and assets through Disaster prevention and preparedness initiatives’


Key activities:

  1. Formation well trend Volunteer group ‘Humanitarian Endow Assist and Recovery Team-(HEART)’ Skill and capacity development
  2. Material relief assistance and services (shelter, clothes, safe water, sanitation, medicines etc.)
  3. Emergency food aid especial attention to infants, woman, old and disable
  1. Rehabilitation (repairing pre-existing infrastructure as opposed to longer-term activities designed to improve the level of infrastructure)
  2. Develop early warning systems through best use of existing technology
  3. Develop community base contingency plan and guidelines of disaster prevention and preparedness
  4. Promote ‘Mobile River Clinic’ and develop ‘Disaster Fund’ for emergency period