Food security and Agriculture

Food security and agriculture
Around 72% people of Bangladesh are involved with agriculture and contribute 21% in national GDP. But lack of knowledge, information and technique on appropriate use of land, water and agro chemicals, diversify crop production and good seeds, including climate vulnerability have combined to make scarcity of safe food and nutritious. AOSED address ‘Ensure access to secure and sufficient food for all’ in particular the deprived communities especially infants during the emergency situations and round the year.

Key activities:

  1. Develop farmers organization and Co-operative society
  2. Skill and capacity development, sustainable use of water & land
  3. Social action research, demonstration farms, technology transfer and promote organic agriculture
  4. Develop farmers information centre and effective linkage building
  5. Develop community based ‘crop’ & ‘Seed’ Bank and management system
  6. Diversified agricultural extension round the year and promote uncultivated crops and vegetables
  7. Reduce agro-chemicals, crop damage and promote urban agricultural
  8. Agriculture value change and market promotion
  9. Emergency response to food aid in vulnerable community especially, infants and women