2nd Coastal Water Convention

Bangladesh are affected by climate change, many of whom live in coastal areas. The coastal population faces increasing risks from rising sea levels, saline intrusion and arsenic contamination in the ground water, which led to insecurity of safe and affordable drinking water.

The goal of the 2nd convention is to create opportunities to have dialogue and sharing among stakeholders about access to safe drinking water in coastal areas; this will further harmonize actors and institutions in the area of water governance and financing. Stakeholders will discuss about challenges and the ever-increasing demand for drinking water.

Themes of the convention

  • Governance for access to safe drinking water
  • Private sector engagement for ensuring safe drinking water to coastal communities
  • Appropriate and affordable sanitation technology for vulnerable communities in light of SDG
  • Protecting eco-system and adapting with Climate impact

Greater coordination among stakeholders and joint action plan will add value to national policies and for channeling more finances. The convention will inspire actors and institutions to come up with concrete and operational business cases, good practices, success, challenges and learning. This year, a number of national and international development organizations, educational and research institutes.

2nd Coastal Water Convention will be held in Khulna on 1-2 August, 2019. The venue for the convention has been selected at the Khulna University. AOSED have jointly organized first Coastal Water Convention in 2011 with the co-operation of various level of national, international, local NGO’s and educational institutions.

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