Early Warning Response Mechanism for Seagoing Traditional Fishers

To reduce the loss and damage of lives and assets of seagoing fishers, AOSED has innovated a model of early warning response mechanism by using locally available technologies and instruments to provide cautionary weather information to the fishers in the sea for the upcoming disaster. This mechanism consists of two major components, tracking the fishing […]

Climate change Awareness Raising of Secondary School Students in Southwest Bangladesh

Some of the manifestations of climate change have already started to appear in our country and especially this Southwest Region of Bangladesh. Therefore, it is essential that the people inhabiting this most vulnerable region be made aware of the damaging consequences of climate change.  Students have been targeted because they are future citizens, when they […]

Best practice on participatory water point management in Radhakantpur, Meherpur

In recent years, groundwater-based water supply in this part has been experiencing various significant issues, principally arsenic contamination, getting down of the water level, salinity, and unavailability of reasonable aquifers. Arsenic and saline contamination make it difficult for supplying potable water to the underprivileged people of Bangladesh. To reduce the scarcity of safe drinking water […]

Develop community based mangrove forest conservation and management system in the southwest of Bangladesh

The southwest coastal region of Bangladesh is a part of the Ganges floodplain with a brackish water regime and made it vulnerable to natural disasters. The world’s largest single tract mangrove forest ‘Sundarbans’ is situated in this region consisting of 6000km that is a World Heritage and Ramsar Site of Bangladesh. Unlikely, from the last […]

Sundarbans Adjacent Fishers Enabling to Resilience Building in Paikgachha Upazila of Khulna District

The southwest coastal region of Bangladesh is a climate hotspot and one of the most vulnerable areas in the world to natural disaster. Around one million people in this region are involved with fishing in the estuaries and most cyclone-prone Bay of Bengal. Recently the rate of cyclones and sea depressions increased which creates risks […]

Success Story 1

Up-scaling of Managed Aquifer Recharge for Providing Community Water Supplies in Saline Area’ (MAR Project) Project Area: Rumpal and Mongla Upazila of Bagerhat districts Duration: January 2014 to June 2017(42 months) The Southwest Coastal Region of Bangladesh is a part of the Ganges flood plain and has a rich biodiversity. Geographical location has given it a brackish […]