Climate change Awareness Raising of Secondary School Students in Southwest Bangladesh

Some of the manifestations of climate change have already started to appear in our country and especially this Southwest Region of Bangladesh. Therefore, it is essential that the people inhabiting this most vulnerable region be made aware of the damaging consequences of climate change.  Students have been targeted because they are future citizens, when they become adults, they have to face the effects of climate change in the long run. By making them aware and educating them about the adverse effect of climate change so that they will be capable to motivate the mass people about this issue.

In this context, AOSED gather a new idea to educate teachers and students on Climate Change issue and which had implemented by 25 month duration project in the southwest Bangladesh with the cooperation of CARE RVCC Project, financed by CIDA with an implementing partner ‘DakDiye Jai’ for Bagerhat district.

Enhanced information and knowledge and skills of teachers to conduct classroom sessions on climate change and improved knowledge level of rural students on Weather and climate, Environment and ecology of southwest Bangladesh, Climate change in Bangladesh and the world, its negative impacts in the southwest coastal region, the strategy of adaptation, Responsibility and future trends on climate change situation.  And finally in 2009 `Climate change` issue included in the Basic formal curriculum.

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