Early Warning Response Mechanism for Seagoing Traditional Fishers

To reduce the loss and damage of lives and assets of seagoing fishers, AOSED has innovated a model of early warning response mechanism by using locally available technologies and instruments to provide cautionary weather information to the fishers in the sea for the upcoming disaster. This mechanism consists of two major components, tracking the fishing boats and providing their weather information from a Central Monitoring Hub (CMH).

AOSED succeeded in locating the seagoing traditional fishing boats through installing Vessel Tracking Devices (VTD). The CMH has been able to locate and track the boat up to 40KMs in the sea. Weather information is being collected and analyzed in the CMH for dissemination in an easily understandable method through live communication (phone calls and SMS).

As of now, 129 fishing boats comprising 1032 fishermen from 5 villages of Paikgacha Upazila of Khulna district are getting precautionary information for upcoming sea weather conditions. Besides, the initiative has been taken for the first time to equip them with safety materials.  

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