The Southwest Coastal Region of Bangladesh is a part of the Ganges flood plain, geographical location has given it a brackish water regime. It contains a highly productive mangrove ecosystem Sundarbans, unique type of biodiversity and most of the areas are tidal wetlands. Human civilization and culture of the region has developed throughout the centuries by optimum utilization of natural resources and addressing natural disasters. The unsolicited human interventions and adverse impact of climate change kept a negative impact on the environment, ecology and biodiversity in this region that are creating vulnerabilities to human lives and livelihoods, resulting in increased poverty gradually.

In this context, a group of young, energetic and socially committed enthusiasts have formed ‘AOSED-An Organization for Socio-Economic Development’ in 1999 to work together for conserving environment, ecology, biodiversity and addressing challenges of climate change to improve the standard of lives and livelihoods of vulnerable communities.

Since the journey, AOSED addressing Water Justice, Food security and agriculture, environment conservation and climate change, health & hygiene, Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency response issues through implementing different projects, programs and social action research with the cooperation of various level of national, international development agencies and research and educational institutions.


Develop a just, prosperous and environment-friendly Society in which there will be no discrimination on the basis of race, caste, creed, gender or occupation whatsoever.


Conserve environment, ecology and biodiversity. Ensure people’s rights of access to natural resource towards alleviation of poverty, upholding human rights and democratic governance.


Experiences and Expertise:

AOSED working at the climate vulnerable southwest Bangladesh which is the poverty pocket of the country. Organization is addressing in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), Safe water rights, provide drinking supply facilities and proper health hygiene practices. Community based mangrove eco-system (Sundarbans) conservation and management. Disaster preparedness and ICT based early warning response mechanism, local level adaptation and mitigation considering adverse impact of climate change. Eco-friendly agriculture extension for increasing agro production to ensure food security through social mobilization, skill and capacity development, participatory research and technology transfer, service delivery, local resource mobilization, media and awareness campaign and advocacy. AOSED constantly consider vulnerable communities, human rights especially women and children, socio-economic-political and ecological changing context.

Besides, enhanced capability of organization and achieve significant experiences and expertise through implementing various approaches projects and programs. These are; grassroots organization development, educational materials development, strategy of effective awareness and media campaign, develop training modules and guideline to conduct trainings, strengthen community based management and maintenance mechanism, local resources mobilization, local knowledge and information management, participatory action research, technology transfer considering ICT and renewable energy, policy review, implementation and recommendation.