Dialogue With Representatives From The Local Government Institutions On Environmental Protection And Climate Change

Date: 30 Sep, 2023

Venue: Western Inn, Khulna

Key Participants: MPs, city mayor, local leaders, media

Key Concerns:

  • Climate Vulnerability: Participants, particularly local leaders, highlighted the severe impacts of climate change, including saltwater intrusion, riverbank erosion, extreme weather, and damage to agriculture and biodiversity.
  • Cyclones and Displacement: Concerns were raised about the devastating effects of recent cyclones like Sidr and Aila, emphasizing the need for improved recovery programs.
  • Policy Gaps and Local Inclusion: A disconnect between policymakers and local communities was identified, urging greater inclusion of local knowledge and traditional practices in policymaking.
  • Awareness and Collaboration: The lack of awareness among local officials and insufficient collaboration among stakeholders were seen as major hurdles.

Key Speeches:

  • The Mayor of Khulna stressed the importance of the Sundarbans and called for public awareness before development projects.
  • MP Akhtaruzzaman Babu highlighted the challenges in coastal areas and emphasized collaboration and infrastructure solutions like dams.
  • MP Mir Mostaque Ahmed Robi proposed dedicated boards for the Sundarbans and a multilateral committee for sustainable solutions.


  • Local government authorities committed to collaborate on climate action projects.
  • AOSED will initiate awareness programs for coastal communities.
  • Policymakers will be notified about forming inclusive committees combining traditional and innovative solutions.
  • Strategies were outlined to engage youth and future generations in climate action.

Overall, the dialogue identified key challenges and highlighted the need for collaboration, awareness, and inclusive policies to address climate change impacts in Khulna.