Meeting of Political Parties on Environmental Protection and Climate Change

Date: 17 Sep, 2023

Venue: Western Inn, Khulna

Top leaders of political parties in Khulna have pledged to work together on environmental and climate issues, recognizing the region's vulnerability to storms, floods, river erosion, increasing salinity, and fresh water crises. These challenges are causing displacement and widespread destruction, prompting leaders to emphasize collaboration over differences.

The pledge was made at a forum on environment and climate organized by AOSED. Leaders from the Awami League, BNP, Jatiya Party, CPB, JASAD, and BAS participated, marking their first collective stance on environment and climate issue. Shamim Arfeen, Executive Director of AOSED and General Secretary of the Coastal Water Convention Committee, moderated the event.

Speakers, including City Mayor Talukdar Abdul Khaleque, highlighted local issues such as displacement, water shortages, and illegal encroachments. They called for unity, collective action, and raising local concerns at the national level. The forum concluded with a proposal to form a united national committee on climate and environment issues, emphasizing the need to save the environment to protect people and political parties.