Smart Bangladesh Award 2023 for ICT-based Early Warning Response Mechanism

AOSED received the prestigious "Smart Bangladesh Award-2023" in recognition of its exceptional role as a leading organization in fostering resilience and expertise among coastal districts through an ICT-based Early Warning Response Mechanism. The award was presented during the Sheikh Russel Day 2023 ceremony held at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center on October 18, 2023. The event's chief guest, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was in attendance for the award presentation. The southern coastal areas of Bangladesh, where approximately 3 million people reside and depend predominantly on engine-driven small boats for their livelihoods in the coastal and adjacent areas, have experienced an exponential growth in vulnerabilities to climate change-induced disasters (cyclones, depression, storm surges, salinity) over the last two decades. Consequently, the income of the coastal people has decreased, mirroring the impact on their livelihoods. The climate change-induced impacts, as well as the various natural hazards have exacerbated vulnerabilities to disasters in the coastal districts. By utilizing this system, real-time vessel tracking from central monitoring hubs to the coastal areas and communicating essential weather-related information has led to increased resilience among coastal districts. Moreover, since the project has been successfully implemented, there are plans for its expansion in the future among the coastal districts. Given the notable success of this project, it is seen as an integral part of the 8th Five-Year Plan of the Government of Bangladesh, SDG 1, 2, 13, and Blue Economy. News Link: AOSED received "Smart Bangladesh 2023" Award (                      AOSED receives ‘Smart Bangladesh 2023’ award | The Financial Express