Covid-19 Emergency Food Support for Daily Wage-earner in Khulna City

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered an economic crisis, particularly affecting vulnerable daily wage-earners in Khulna City, Bangladesh. With the closure of businesses and strict lockdown measures, these workers faced unprecedented challenges, leading to extreme poverty and food insecurity. Many families were on the brink of starvation, lacking the means to support themselves due to the loss of livelihood caused by the pandemic.

In response to the dire circumstances faced by daily wage-earners, the project provided vital emergency food assistance. Beneficiaries were carefully selected from the most affected wards in Khulna City, including those who had lost their jobs entirely due to the pandemic-induced lockdown. Through meticulous beneficiary selection, procurement, purchase, and packaging processes, essential food items were secured and distributed to 200 families, aiming to sustain them for at least a month.

The project had a significant impact on mitigating the immediate effects of food insecurity among vulnerable daily wage-earners in Khulna City. By providing essential food items such as rice, lentils, flour, and cooking oil, the project ensured that families could sustain themselves during the challenging period of economic disruption caused by the pandemic. Additionally, the project team engaged in personal interviews with beneficiaries to explore opportunities for livelihood promotion, indicating a holistic approach to addressing the long-term impact of the crisis. Amidst the backdrop of a surging COVID-19 infection rate and strict lockdown measures, this project played a crucial role in alleviating the suffering of vulnerable communities and providing a lifeline during their time of need.