Food Support for Rohingya Communities in Bhasan Char

The project aimed to address the critical issue of food insecurity among Rohingya refugees in the Bhasan Char Camp. AOSED endeavored to provide essential food items to alleviate the nutritional needs of the Rohingya population in the camp. Through field visits and coordination efforts with the Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner (RRRC), AOSED facilitated the procurement and distribution of food packages consisting of rice, flour, sugar, oil, spices, lentils, and soya nuts.

The project's major activities included multiple field visits to the Bhasan Char Camp to liaise with RRRC officials and vendors, as well as the distribution of 45,400 kilograms of food items to over 1100 Rohingya refugees. The successful implementation of the project not only provided immediate relief to the beneficiaries but also contributed to the broader goal of supporting the government of Bangladesh in addressing the food security challenges in the camp. By surpassing the initial target of 1000 beneficiaries, AOSED demonstrated its commitment to effectively responding to the needs of the Rohingya community, thereby making a tangible impact on the lives of the displaced population.

In essence, this project was crucial in addressing the pressing issue of food insecurity among Rohingya refugees in the Bhasan Char Camp, particularly following their relocation from Cox's Bazaar. By providing essential food support, AOSED not only met the immediate nutritional needs of the beneficiaries but also collaborated with government agencies to tackle the larger challenge of ensuring food security in the camp. Through its successful implementation, the project underscored the importance of coordinated efforts between NGOs and government bodies in providing humanitarian assistance to vulnerable populations, setting a precedent for future interventions in similar contexts.