Climate change Awareness Raising of Secondary School Students in Southwest Bangladesh

Climate change poses a significant threat to communities worldwide, with the southwest region of Bangladesh particularly vulnerable to its adverse effects. However, awareness of this issue among secondary school students and teachers in this region was limited, as climate change education was not integrated into the formal curriculum. Recognizing this gap, the Climate Change Awareness Raising project aimed to address the lack of awareness and knowledge regarding climate change among 65 secondary schools and Madrashas in Khulna, Jessore, Narial Bagerhat districts.

The project, which ran from March 2003 to March 2005, sought to empower secondary school teachers to effectively raise awareness about climate change among students. Through the development of educational materials such as easy-to-read booklets and flip charts, as well as the implementation of teacher training modules and guidelines, the project equipped educators with the necessary tools and knowledge to incorporate climate change education into their teaching practices. Additionally, various activities such as class sessions, students' competitions, and sharing meetings were organized to engage students directly and deepen their understanding of the issue.

As a result of the project intervention, significant strides were made in raising awareness of climate change among secondary school students and teachers in the southwest region of Bangladesh. By providing educators with the resources and training needed to effectively convey information about climate change, the project empowered them to educate and inspire future generations to take action against this pressing global challenge. The development of educational materials and the implementation of various activities contributed to a more informed and prepared community capable of mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change. Through these efforts, the project aimed to foster a culture of climate resilience and empower young people to become advocates for sustainable environmental practices in their communities.